The following is a response to a comment made on Yahoo from an article criticizing Donald Trump for his trip to meet with the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.


Ernest writes;
You have to realize that The United States is on the brinks of a civil war. You have to understand that the rhetoric that Mr. Trump speaks only adds fuel to that fire from all groups of people. People are already feeling mistreated in America and whites only justifications are that they are all thugs. If we date back 50 years ago, blacks were being killed for no reason other than being black. The system was designed against blacks…simple as that.
Then you have this man speaking of Muslims in a way that the world listens to as unjust. So now you have more Muslims right here angry. This man speaks of mexicans in a way that is horrible. He speaks of blacks in a unjust way…but never speaks of how whites commit more mass murders, pedophile rapes, rape of unconscious women…whites lead in every stat on FBI Table 43 except murder and robbery. Not far behind in murder either.
The point here is that…I feel like Blacks, Muslims and Mexicans will one day target whites for the injustices of America. I just feel that way, however I could be wrong. I’m not saying this to be a racist or anything like that, I’m just speaking how I feel especially if Mr. Trump is elected.

My reply;

Mr. Ernest

Yes, the US is on the brink of a civil war, but that tension has nothing to do with Donald Trump. I don’t know anything about you but, I do realize already that you do not listen properly or are blinded by politics as usual. President Obama has set this nation back a hundred years when it comes to race relations as well as religion, political views or anything else that keeps our society in balance. Eight years ago we were in a deep recession but as a nation we were still working side by side as Americans to keep this country on the right track. Obama came to office riding on a wave of ideas and promises that were all predicated on lies.
He then began to tear us apart by separating us into categories and classes based on color, religion and economic/social stature.
Every speech he made cut into the fabric that we have acquired, that held us together and has improved so much over 200+ years. He would insinuate that the rich are stealing from the poor, the Christians are haters of any other religion especially Islam, which is Obama’s favorite target for compliments. He talked about his Christian faith but says the sweetest sounding thing on earth is the Muslim call to Morning Prayer. As a Christian myself, the sweetest sound has always been any song that tells of my (and supposedly Mr. Obama’s) savior and his promises of salvation to his children.
I can go on and on about the ways that President Obama has torn this nation apart, like his apology tour, where he told the world how bad we are as a nation, at least until he came along, or the way he trashes the police every time something happens involving a black and a cop. He never speaks to calm the situation; he blames the police even before the facts are gathered. That’s just the way he is, he doesn’t like America for some reason but time and time again, he works to tear us down.
When Mr. Trump speaks of Muslims, I hear a man talking about the radical Islamic groups and their operatives that are trying and succeeding at infiltrating our nation with the sole purpose of hurting Americans and destroying our way of life. He talks about fixing our system so as to truly vet these people and take every possible precaution to limit the entry of radicals to zero. He has stated that he is not talking about moderate Muslims that have come here and are assimilating into our society. I know you have heard the same talk from him, are you sure you listened properly or were his words twisted with hate for the person talking? Is your hate coming from twisted and untrue facts laid out by the main stream media?
I hear the same thing about the Mexicans and I might add you also mean anyone illegally entering our country over our southern border. Mr. Trump talks of ending ILLEGAL immigration, not legal immigration. I don’t understand how you cannot understand simple English, you wrote your comment in very coherent English. We do have a problem with millions of illegals coming here and becoming dependent on our welfare system receiving free education, SNAP, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, welfare as well as other benefits that have to be paid for by the American taxpayer. It would be cheaper to pay them to live in Mexico but that’s not the way to do it either.
Mr. Trump is very high on the problems of the black communities, especially the inner city areas where drugs and gangs rule the streets. He has been targeting those issues for a while now, he has met with black leaders and has given them examples of some of his plans to help them climb out of the position that the democrats have left them in. Democrats want their votes and pander with the offer of free things to insure that their votes go their way every four years. But, they are still in the same position they have been in forever. The Democrats only idea is to make everyone lose the right to own a firearm. Then, only the criminals and gangs will have them, that’s it, nothing more, same old, same old.
Mr. Trump is high on law and order as being a very important to our nation, this starts at the top with DC and covers every part of our society, our government and our dealing with foreign entities. If everyone from the top of the ladder to the bottom rung is obeying the same laws, we will be the safest nation on the planet. This is something that has been lacking for the last decade and needed to be addressed long ago. It doesn’t matter who is doing this or that, it matters that someone needs to be stopped and punished for their deeds. Your stats on crime don’t take into consideration the percent of each group compared to the percentage of crimes. If 25percent of all crime is done by 5 percent of the people, the overall for that 5 percent group is greater by far than a group making up 55 percent of the people.
You say you are worried that these other groups will one day rise up against the “whites”, well maybe if we had a strong economy, less crime, and a lean government that works for all of its citizens, not just the “elites”, where everyone had a better chance to advance and climb out of the inner city slums and ghettos, we will never even give that scenario a second thought.
With prosperity comes peace, Donald Trump is the one who comes to us with new and different ideas to “Make America Great Again”. Mr. Trump will not divide, it’s the MSM and the lies they broadcast to a nation that wants to believe that he is bad, crazy, stupid, etc…. I used to watch CNN and MSNBC until I realized that they had an agenda and that was only to promote the Democrats, never anyone else. The internet has been the greatest provider of the truth as well as a cesspool of lies. You need to find the honest sites and stay clear of the ones with the lies and twisted stories that may sound great but are only there to sway you, not inform you.
One other thing I would like to hear from you or anyone else is what words or statements have you heard that you believe are racist or bigoted? Have you seen his employees or listened to them talk about working for The Trump Organization and how they speak of a place where all ethnicities, all races and all women are just as welcome as any white male on the planet? Look at this man’s family; he has raised a fine group of children who are now trashed by the MSM as well as his beautiful wife Melania, who is a proud and legal immigrant. How could he hate immigrants and have had 2 legal immigrant wives. That is why I want to know what he said to make you think he is any of those derogatory words that he has been called by the MSM? Are you going by what one of the talking heads on TV said? I sure hope you can at least try to see the truth. People just aren’t used to a politician who is not pandering to their crowd by their looks or sex.
Our nation needs borders that are secure, an economy that is strong and the freedom for the American citizens to not have to support all the worlds people but prosperous enough to give to the needy around the globe, and give from the heart.
I can only hope that you can see it in your heart to really give this man, Mr. Trump, a good look from totally unbiased sources. He may be our last real hope of having a strong and well integrated nation that we can all be proud of.

This was written as a reply not to one, but to all the Ernest’s out there, you know who you are, you’re the ones who call this conservative American, whose family dates back to the 1600’s in this land, many names. I’ve been labeled a “right wing nut job”, an “Alt-Right”, “racist, bigot, homophobe, populist, nationalist, xenophobic” etc., you get the idea. I’m not perfect, I am sure not worthy of dying on a cross, nor will I ever be but, I am also none of these other things. I was raised by a father who was color blind, and I don’t mean in his eyes, I mean in his heart. He grew up in the depression era working on my grandfather’s farm raising vegetables for sale in the Philadelphia markets. He worked side by side with migrant workers who were of all colors and ethnicities, jobs were so scarce in those days. He knew that everyone was an individual and his most famous saying, I can hear it right now as I type was, “it’s not because of your color that I don’t like you, it’s because of you proved yourself to be unworthy of respect”. My dad got along with everybody; he was called “Mr. Ed” by all even though he felt like he was just “Ed”.
I was lucky to be raised in such a household with a father like him, a WWII vet and expert electrician with the patience to teach his four sons (I’m the youngest) everything we could absorb and each of us took that knowledge and made a life of our own.
I will go on trying to keep his light shining brightly if only for me in my heart.

Thanks for reading my “Reply to Ernest” and come back again, sometimes it takes me a while to get fired up enough to write something that I want to write.
Don’t forget TRUMP/PENCE 2016

A Call to Arms

While watching the DNC Dog and Pony show on night 4, I begrudgingly listened to see what they were spewing out to the public in their massive production. I had seen everything imaginable from singers, songwriters, actors, illegal aliens, an actual Muslim with an actual copy of the pocket constitution(must be using it for infiltration purposes), and enough other sports stars, military personnel, politicians and others to fill an encyclopedia. Most were not impressive, especially Paul Simon and Carole King, both of which I hate to say were embarrassing themselves, their voices had already retired but no one told them. They were always two of my favorite entertainers but time had caught up with them, Simon did not look healthy at all and they dragged him out just so he could sing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”, a song he did not even sing the lead to. His counterpart, Art Garfunkel sang the vocals on that one but he was unavailable, he was outside protesting with the Bernie people. Sweet irony?

Anyway, enough about this major Hollywood production(You know the DNC has no talent so they called their entertainment division).

If you heard what I heard, it was no mistake that Hillary intends to be another term of Barak Obama. The reason she is promising this is because, like Trump always says, she is low energy. Because she is low energy and totally unqualified for the job at hand, she will continue the highly successful path that BHO has set us upon(sarcasm), and as such this means that she won’t have to do one thing other than sit at her desk in the Oval Office and wonder how Monica fit under that thing. Using Obama’s policy will also give her much more time to spend not just our children and grand children’s money, she will take it at least another twenty or so generations down the road to a place they may never recover from. She will also have more time to shake down Wall Street, selling her influence to everyone who can afford the purchase price. Big businesses will be leaving, her plan to raise the corporate taxes and  add new regulations will make their heads spin and with the outlaw of fossil fuels our energy prices will be unbearable.

Yes, she will embrace the status quo and double down on insuring that ours is a nation of immigrants. None will be illegal, she will naturalize each one as they easily walk across our border until we look exactly like our shabby neighbor to the south. We will become a nation of shanty towns except for the privileged class that will be living high on the hog and looking down on us all with the arrogance we saw on display at the DNC convention. I’m not willing to let that happen to my country.

Lazy greedy spiteful politicians will lead us to ruins not caring once about the Constitution. After Hillary gets her people on the Supreme Court we will be finished. It has been reported that Barak Obama will be her first pick to replace Justice Antonin Scalia. How far from the right can she go, well now we know. Kiss the Second Amendment goodbye and after that the First will be defenseless from being overruled. The Bill of rights will be gone and nothing left but whatever they choose to leave and whatever they choose to add. It will be the culmination of the last hundred years with the rise of progressivism and the decline of liberty and freedoms.

We do have a chance to defeat this outcome, a vote for Donald J Trump can stop this movement of theirs dead in its tracks. Trump will challenge everything and stop at nothing to accomplish the things that others have chosen for us to settle for. He will be our champion, he will probably not accomplish everything he has spoken about but I believe he will try to do everything he has mentioned. Finally, someone who is not owned and can’t be bought like so many of the people who have a seat in our government from the top down to the bottom. Is he perfect, no, but then again, neither are anyone of us. We will never be disappointed with Trump, I believe he is the right candidate for our time and without him we will end up in the scenario I spoke about previously.

We must get Donald J Trump  elected on November 8th, We will have many unfair and illegal obstacles to overcome. There will be Black Panthers at some polling stations. There will be more voter fraud this time than we have ever seen before. I remember in 2012, when, in a city of over one and a half million people, that in 59 voting divisions Mitt Romney did not get one single vote, zero, none what so ever. This is obvious voter fraud, it happened in Philly where the Democrats just finished their convention. Payback maybe? If only we had proof, but we don’t. Empowered with that type of voter fraud, I’m afraid this year will be even worse.

We have an uphill battle and I know I am ready to give it everything I have to make a Trump presidency the reality our country longs for. It’s time for the “Never Trump” people to see the light and drop their opposition to voting for the only candidate that can beat Hillary and restore our country. A non vote is a half a vote for Hillary, a third-party vote is a half vote for Hillary, a vote for Hillary borders on treason in my mind and can never be forgiven. 

Let’s all please drop our differences and help to elect Trump, or, if it helps, just think of it as an anti Hillary vote. We can rid ourselves of this Clinton dynasty that threatens all of us and restore some sanity into the White House, we all just might end up better off, even the liberals, although they never will admit it.

Let me know what you think.



Brexit:The saving of a nation

I was hoping to publish something sooner but sometimes life gets in the way and doesn’t move too easily. I hope you read this and let me know how I’m doing. Thanks


Today, the United Kingdom answered the call of freedom with a resounding and surprising yes. Yesterday all was lost and they were to remain in the EU forever. Forced to live by rules set by a group of unelected officials in The Hague. Forced to be without borders when it comes to EU countries. But somewhere in the talk and the polls and the thoughts of the media and the pundits was hiding the soul of a nation who, like in the US, want to be free from overbearing government, run by elitists who are only out for their personal interests. People who got rich off the backs of the ordinary citizens, citizens so desperate for a change but not really releasing that desire until they arrived at the polls and over rode the elites and the complacent citizens who would rather have a false sense of security than another chance at the freedom that was lost decades ago.

More people went to the polls, than had been seen since 1992. They shocked a nation, a union and a planet that went to bed thinking that they would wake up and it would be business as usual. Plans have to be changed sometimes and this is one of them.

It was the common man and woman who were tired of seeing their country being overrun with anyone who wanted to come there and call it home. It wasn’t like the US, where we enjoy freedom of movement, where travel and relocation from one state to another only requires you to get up and do it. In Europe where the actual borders separated not just people, but cultures and thousands of years of history. With the EU rules of open travel and relocation, when someone came into another country, they were bringing in their culture and diluting the culture that was what made the UK what it has been since the time of the Roman empire, another unwelcome union. The UK could not refuse entry from any other EU country, no matter how many there were coming in.

“Refugees “were sent there in numbers ordered by the central planners in The Hague, they were unwilling to adjust those numbers even though the UK requested them to do so. These refugee’s are arrogant and demanding but that’s not the most disturbing aspect, they are also vicious and hostile to the native Brits. They refuse to assimilate, they insist on living by the rules set forth in their home countries that they ran from. These refugee’s, most are young men of good health and of military age, They should be fighting to save their homeland. they are not running from the fight but, to infiltrate other nations for the sole purpose of spreading their culture and their laws of sharia. Their job is to move in, mix the races and spread Islam to every western country.

The UK and even more so the EU have experienced hundreds of attacks from shootings, bombings, rapes, beatings, murders, even the murder of a soldier who was casually walking down a sidewalk while not on duty. They have killed the people who were working to help these “refugees” find a better life but all they want is to spread  Islam throughout the land.

The EU welcomed these refugee’s under the guise of humanitarian actions and of being politically correct but most people believe that the powers that be are importing cheap labor.  This cheap labor will hurt the native people forcing many to lose their jobs while newcomers will replace them for much less money insuring higher profits for the business owners and stockholders.

I have only touched on the tip of the iceberg, there are dozens of reasons why the EU lost favor with most of the UK citizenry. I believe that the UK really did declare their independence from a tyrannical form of govt. The elite in the UK will be licking their wounds for many years to come but the country will rebound and I believe they will be so much better for the effort. Once again their destiny will be in the hands of the Brits, not the central planners. I salute the proud and fearless citizens of the United Kingdom.

Who would I want for VP?

 I know Jeff Sessions, he’s my Senator, and to me, the best there is. He has said numerous times he had no desire to run for president so that being said I doubt he would want the VP slot, although I would love to see him take it. He is very conservative and well liked as well. He ran totally unopposed in his last election at all levels, even Dems knew it was waste of time to oppose him. He is strong on borders, trade, security and defense and his ethics are of the highest standards.

 John Bolton is someone I have watched forever and he truly would bring so much to the table. Most Americans know him well from all his TV appearances and he talks with authority and patriotism every time. Another excellent choice.

 Both of these men would make good VPs, I have some reservation on Bolton for his sometimes globalism stances but we need to look at the entire person, not just a few points that may change over time.

 Soon Trump will make a choice and I have faith that he and his advisors will pick someone who will be welcomed by most of us(some will never be happy with anyone).

 I will try to keep up with all the goings on in all the campaigns, and I would welcome genuine feedback.

For now, in the words of the great Paul Harvey, Good Day!

First blog post

I’m just like the rest of you, opinionated and sometimes too passionate about my topics. I have Adult ADD so once in a while my thoughts seem to scatter but I’ll do my best to keep them in check.

I am a political junkie, and a very conservative Christian who is open to other ideas but not willing to lay down and be trampled. My wife say’s I should have been a lawyer, but I’m not that crazy(yet). And in case you haven’t noticed, I like to have fun as well as show my sarcastic side.

If you like what you read, drop me a note in comments, if you don’t like it, that just means you’re wrong. I can’t save the world on what I make.

Any way’s, Welcome to my meadow, home to free range brains!